London is a metropolitan city with diverse communities and cultures. It houses people from whole walks of life. The ideals of openness, dignity, and freedom are the prime factors which attract people to this city. As a capital city of United Kingdom, it accommodates more than thirteen million inhabitants. The substantial variables which makes the city stands out from other cities are its multi-faceted performance in art, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional service, research and development, tourism, and transportation.

The city houses historic World heritage sites which includes Tower of London, Kew Gardens, the Palace of Westminster, and the Royal Observatory of Greenwich and so on.  There are many other landmarks which attracts aspiring tourists around the world including Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, and the Shard. The capital also hosts many museums, galleries, sporting events, and other cultural institutions including British Museum, National gallery, Tale Modern and British Library. The motivated students around the world also harbours the city to peruse their further education in universities including Oxbridge universities, Imperial College, London School of Economics, Kings college, University of London and so on. These are the significant factors which attracted migrants to settle in this country including the migrants from the Indian subcontinent.

Looking back to the history of immigrants in London, the first migrants from the Indian subcontinent who settled in London traces back to 19th century. The most of them were from north Indian descents. They served in the British army and British Indian army in the first world war. Nonetheless, most of the south Indian community, from Kerala arrived in London in 1990s. the immigrant policy in that time helped them to make their transition easier in big numbers. The language they communicated, the culture they shared, food and custom they entertained were substantially different from other Asian communities. Hence, their distinctive diaspora distanced and settled in scattered provinces of the city. They lacked a religious and spiritual mentorship from their own community. Subsequently, the Almighty Allah blessed them with the advent of a group of religiously and materially educated scholars who would sincerely engage with them with pastoral care and chaplaincy services required in the hour of need. With the purpose of taking this collective responsibility in mind, after collaboratively reflecting with the elderly people from the community, the leaders decided to form an organisation; AL-IHSAN in 2008.

Mision & Vision


AL-IHSAN was formed with the sole impetus of fostering moral education in the next generation;


·         Cultivating Islamic spirituality in the hearts of all people


·         Nurturing community cohesion in a faithful society


·         Repairing, maintaining and developing ties with our loved ones




AL-IHSAN intends to harmonise excellent moral values and character with a dignified approach towards faith, charity, sympathy, selflessness, altruism, respect, dignity, excellence and discipline. The aim is to produce a generation of spiritually integrated individuals at peace with society and with themselves.


AL-IHSAN avails its members of the opportunity to reach a sublime spiritual connection, the perception of a Divine Reality and His Beloved beyond the mechanics of an increasingly materialistic world. Modernity and its ramifications are explained within its current context.


True spirituality is reflected when Allah's Exalted Attributes are mirrored in our actions. When the Beloved Prophet is followed with complete subservience, spiritual wayfarers reach their zenith.




AL-IHSAN intends to harmonise excellent moral values and character with a dignified approach towards faith, charity, sympathy, selflessness, altruism, respect, dignity, excellence and discipline. The aim is to produce a generation of spiritually integrated individuals at peace with society and with the sample.











AL IHSAN work in the community purely to purify themselves for a better life here and here-after. AL IHSAN put its efforts on educating and mentoring youngsters for better education, better health and to live with moral values. AL IHSAN believes in equality, kindness, respect and cooperation. It's important to understand others to lead a peaceful life in a multi-cultural society.




Al-ihsan means excellence, beautification and perfection. The name derived from the Quranic and Prophet’s usages. The Holy Quran repeatedly insists to be excellent in our dealings with the creator and His creations. As far as a Muslim concerned (the one who submits his will to his Creator), all his actions to be qualified as a rewardable obedience, it should be observed with a sincere intention and excellence.  It is not only our five articles of Islam and six articles of Faith to be performed with strict balance and steadfastness, but all our inside and outside movement from our birth until our parting from the world should correspond with the mindedness and consciousness of our Creator.

Secondly, our interaction with our fellow human beings should reflect the sublime character and features of our Creator. From an Islamic perspective, all humans are vice grants of Allah, our Lord. We are told to take that ultimate responsibility on the day of Covenant. To fulfil that divinely commanded responsibility on Earth, one should resemble His lofty features including His mercy, benevolence, compassion, kindness, genericity and so on towards our fellow creations.  This perpetual consciousness with our Lord and beautiful companionship with our fellow creations should accompany with excellence, beautification and perfection, in other words, with IHSAN. With this sublime purpose in mind, our peers reflectively named our organisation AL-IHSAN.



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